Jordan opens new show

April 20th 1998

Nick Jordan, the playright and web surfer is opening a new play off Mill Road in June this year.

Jordan's past performances include, being violently ill outside the Six Bells in Covent Garden and the memorable shit-kicking experience in Mac Donald's last year.

Jordan emailed me this text earlier today:

"We're doing the original four-act version of the play, which is not usually performed. The extra act was cut before the original premiere at the behest of Wilde's manager for time constraint reasons, and was never performed before the author(as far as I know).

The original version contains a reference to green carnations, and this comment was also cut by Wilde - the green carnation was a Victorian symbol of homosexuality (only other queers would have known this).

On the opening night of the play Wilde wore a green carnation in his lapel. With all this in mind, and given the theme of the play is about leading a double life, it seems to me that the dominant meaning of the play is about the need for secrecy when gay. This is the angle we're giving it anyway. Also we're setting it in the 1920's, which is also unusual but for which there is a precedent.

Lady Bracknell to be played by a man (Sterling), which is not only funny but figures with our tip about the confusions and ambiguities of sexuality. To be performed in the first week of June i.e 2,3,4,5 starting at 8 at Sancton Wood School, St Paul's Rd."

I will be formatting a separate web page for more details in the near future.

Jordan's interpretation of this sexually confused piece will be on the edge of theatrical brilliance - his ability to completely hash any great literature piece and deliver it incoherently is amazing and definately unique.

This is a must for all those who want to get out of the cold and sleep for a while.

love d.

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