use these.....
Alta Vista Altavista is the massive search engine run by Digital. Type in your keyword or words, and Altavista will attempt to find all the web pages that contain them.
Yahoo Yahoo is a better search tool if you just want to surf - pick a topic and work your way through the menus until you find something of interest.
Deja News Dejanews allows you to search Usenet news postings - use this to find the latest information or gossip
Bigfoot Missing someone? Bigfoot is one of the most comprehensive people finders on the Net today...
Web Crawler Web Crawler - does what is says... crawls the Web.
Meta Crawler Uh, yeah - does sort of the same thing as above - just a different name is all.
Hot Bot If I remember correctly this is Wired's search engine...
Lycos One of the big search engines....
InfoSeek Yet another search engine.
Excite An exciting way to search the Web - with Excite.... not.
Alta Vista Europe Alta vista Europe - mirror site offering a variety of countries to connect to and languages to choose from.
AnySearch Korean search
Area 52 Macintosh, Amiga, OS/2 searches a speciality
Astalavista daily updated search engine with hack and crack stuff
El Faro Espanol
Money Search geared towards small business owners and on-line investors in the financial markets.
The Informant Server personal search agent - will send email when your favourite URLs are updated
News Hunt Links to free newspaper archives and a searchable database of searchabe newspapers
Next Crawler Greek Web Crawler - that searches Greek sites.
Radar International Search Engine in English and Spanish
SciFi Search for websites related to the paranormal, ghosts, psychics and UFO's
Study Web comprehensive searchable categorized index with reviews of over 17,000 educational and reference websites.