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Here are some of the things that are most important and interesting to me; I hope that the may be interesting to others. Some of the links point to old and complicated pages, that I plan to revise as I go along.

The abstract
In the abstract world, I enjoy ingenuity, and finding simplicity beneath apparent complexity, and commonality under apparent diversity. Specific abstract things that I find interesting include:
The physical
In the physical world, I enjoy creativity and vitality. (I believe, however, that it is my non-physical soul that is experiencing the enjoyment.) Specific physical things that I like include:
The meta-physical
I believe that there is more to life than the world that we can directly sense and measure. I believe that: In the non-physical world, I enjoy tranquillity, simplicity, and friendship. I am fascinated by thought, and am interested in the way we move around our mental terrain. I value personal space, and privacy.

Other things about me

Software available for download

These are all things I wrote myself, and have released under the GPL.

See also my tabular introduction to being more than a basic user of Emacs, Emacs: beyond the tutorial.

Other things I want to tell the world

Notes on various things

I am starting to collect up my notes on various things in one place, and making them available rather than hoarding them.

Older pages

Years ago, I had a spate of creativity and produced a large tree of web pages. In intervening years, I failed to maintain this, and I now find that it is no longer presents accurately what I would like to share with the world. Accordingly, I have started a fresh top-level look at my web site (starting with this page), starting with much less in it, and am gradually incorporating old material that is still relevant.

Site map

These are the top-level directories of my web tree. Many of them contain out-of-date material.

Contact me
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